What is Pollitin?

What is pollitin

What is Pollitin?


Pollitin Is a high-quality natural extract From pollen grains that Has been registered as nutraceutical Or therapeutic nutrients Pollitin has been sold to over 50 countries on 6 continents all over the world for over 50 years. In accordance with the requirements of the World Health Organization, receiving a world-class product-specific standard is ORAC or the concentration of antioxidants, and the CAP-e Test or the ability to absorb into red blood cells is very high. The body receives almost 100% of the available nutrients.

Swedish researchers have found that Pollen contains Substances that are essential to regenerate life in the plant family and are fundamental in the food chain cycle. Pollen has been proven to contain a variety of nutrients Including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, substances needed in the synthesis of RNA (RNA) and DNA (DNA) substances that have antioxidant activity, enzymes, saturated fatty acids, substances that are precursors in Prostaglandin synthesis, therefore, pollen is an ideal food for use for the purpose of improving physical health, having effects on relieving fatigue, reducing depression symptoms, causing gastrointestinal disorders. Improved, has a bactericidal effect, and has some preventive and anti-cancer properties. And has an effect on enhancing the body’s immune system

Graminex Company Therefore studied, researched, and invented the production method Pollen products Starting from the selection of plant seeds without using pesticides And herbicides

And the last step is to harvest pollen with modern machinery extracts pollen the process that is exclusive And filter by technique method Sterilize To remove contaminants

And eliminate allergens And quality control by analyzing the intensity of active ingredients, production processes, and stability of products to determine the expiration of the product, control the quality of physical properties And chemical properties As well as evaluation of filling systems and containers

All production processes are ISO 9002 certified and the Graminex factory has been certified to meet international GMP standards, including pharmaceutical products and dietary supplements. In addition, the dietary supplement Pollitin It was also awarded an E-Award for the state-of-the-art Ohio food supplement. USA

Flower Pollen Extract G63

ST6 flower pollen extract has a much higher ORAC level than that found in bee pollen and many fruits and vegetables. Flower Pollen Extract G63 contains more than 39 essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that the body needs to resist and detoxify. And free radicals from the body. G63 pollen is harvested directly from the plant and is processed through state-of-the-art technology that eliminates contaminants and contaminants. This is different from the process of bee pollen.

Beyond Pollitin It has antioxidants that help fight free radicals. Flower Pollen Extract G63 is also beneficial for health by helping to increase energy. Provides essential nutrients to the cells in the body, including essential amino acids. Unsaturated fatty acids and enzymes as well as enhancing the absorption of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients. The food consumed each day stimulates the body’s functions such as the immune system. Burning fat Blood cholesterol levels And the function of the prostate gland Rye Pollen Extract contains selected rye pollen extracts only in fertile fields and has a standardized extraction ratio. Pollen containing male gametes is essential for plant reproduction. The flower pollen is food for the bees. And it is a very useful supplement for thousands of years.

Most research indicates that pollen is the most diverse and amazing source of food and has outstanding benefits. Flower Pollen Extract improves physical and mental performance. Stimulate the function of the body’s disease resistance mechanism and have a tonic effect. The extract also stimulates the body’s functions by adapting the body to various environmental conditions. Causing the body and mind to respond to various reactions And to better manage immediate situations while there is evidence to suggest that Flower pollen extract has medicinal properties. In particular, it is used to treat infections caused by viruses and bacteria. In short, flower pollen extracts in Pollitin Has the following properties

Graminex flower pollen extract with gluten-free manufacturing technology

The outer shell of the flower pollen has an outer covering that protects essential nutrients. Composed in the pollen of flowers The outer part of the skin that contains allergens include hairs, fungi, yeats, fungi, etc. Pollen has very small holes that, when broken, separate the outer shell containing the allergen and essential nutrients inside. Parting This leaves only the beneficial nutrients within the pollen that are easily absorbed by the body. Graminex uses a special manufacturing process to break these microscopic holes through a specialized extraction process that does not use a solvent.

The broken pollen grains are centrifuged to separate the nutritious components from the allergens. Then the nutrients in the pollen are extracted according to their nutritional benefits. The rest are recycled and used in various industries. Antioxidant processes found in foods, minerals, and plants are identified by testing the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity or the antioxidant capacity of foods. This will help you know the ORAC value of various nutrients.

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