Rye Grass Pollen Extract
a rich and natural food

Pollen, which reproduces or conducts male gametes to female pollen, is the source of life that nourishes all things on this planet. To complete all important work processes Therefore, nature has created an optimal nutritious compound within the pollen grains of flowers.

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Benefits when taking Pollitin on a regular basis

  • Help reduce side effects from cancer treatment. and increase the efficiency of cancer treatment for maximum benefit.
  • Helps to reduce blood sugar levels and help reduce complications caused by diabetes Helps restore pancreatic cells
  • Helps to increase blood flow Reduce the risk of stroke and coronary artery
  • Helping to solve the problems of patients with chronic renal failure. and reduce the number of times for dialysis
  • Helps to reduce fat in the blood and reduce the adhesion of blood clots
  • And many more

Rye Grass Pollen Extract : The Finest Food In Nature

Pollitin has always been committed to providing the highest-quality non-solvent flower pollen extracts globally. As regulations change or as new products are offered to the market, the company’s regulatory affairs department will assist customers with the different documentation requirements for their specialized markets.

Pollen is a natural substance that is collected from flowers. It is often used to make extracts that are used in supplements and other products. Many people believe that pollen extracts offer a number of health benefits. However, not all pollen extracts are created equal. Some are made from low-quality sources, while others are made from high-quality sources.

The highest quality non-solvent flower pollen extracts are those that are made from the flowers of plants that have been grown in organic conditions. These extracts contain a high level of nutrients and beneficial compounds, and they offer a range of health benefits.

Flower Pollen Extract

Rye Grass Pollen Extract is a huge nutritional breakthrough that could revolutionize the way the body maintains health and wellness, with more than 50 years of ongoing research and over 100 clinical studies supporting physicians in different countries Including Germany, Russia, and Argentina, rye pollen extract is used to enhance nutrition in patients with prostate problems or even to improve prostate function.

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